Valerie Marbach


Valerie Marbach
WSI Digital Marketing Consultant, Arizona

As owner of eSpark MarketingWSI, I provide affordable, leading edge internet marketing solutions such as: functional yet “appealing” Website Design, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management and Web PPC Advertising as well as Training/Consulting services.
My previous experience included 20 successful years in advertising, marketing and sales –involving both small business and the corporate world. My strength lies in being a hand’s-on, thoughtful, and creative leader with integrity—and who makes things happen!
Business ownership can be hard, The competition is fierce, the consumer is fickle and marketing is not everyone’s specialty …. That’s why I started eSpark Marketing. I am here to use my prior skills with the power of the vast WSI Digital Marketing network to make a difference!
How am I different than other marketers out there? I love to help people and bring positivity results to our local community! Besides running a business, I am also very involved in the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and other local professional groups. My goal in starting this business was to use my experience and local knowledge to help the small to medium sized business owner succeed – and THRIVE!
If you are looking for a hand’s on results driven digital marketer who has a wee bit of energy and personality, please email or call me! I welcome the opportunity to talk to you and see how I would add value to your business!


Sunsweet Europe

"They are creative and endlessly resourceful both in terms of design and ideas for online activities."

- Amanda Bishop  Marketing Director

The iTransact Group

"The depth of their analysis was head and shoulders above the competition."

-Colby Poulson  Development Manager

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